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Launch of Japan coin

We launched Japan coin on our first exchange a last year. We are now looking forward to list Japan elsewhere.

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About Japan coin

Japan is one of the finest countries in the world, of course we all say that about our own country we live in. You probably already know that Japan is an rising economy which belongs to the top three World rankings. Despite of this beautiful fact, there are little to none anonymous payment methods. Especially in Tokyo where there are up to none anonymous payment options as far as we know of and thats a big shame.

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Roadmap V1

Stage 1

1. We decided to name our project “Japan”. 2. After some research we choose for a SCRYPT based algorithm. 3.Our server/site tech arranged a server to make the magic happen. While all scripts got codes, compiled the other part of the team started with the marketing plans. 4. The Board topic got written and the first parts of the marketing creations as well. 5.We made all the board and social-media accounts and got started!

Stage 2-3

6. We made contacts to arrange the mining-pool and block-explorer. 7. A local meeting to gain more investors to make the launch even better. 8. We selected several alt-coin exchanges on which we would want to get listed. 9. Paid the fee of Exchange 1. 10. Get Japan listed on the first exchange– Published our Airdrop campaign. 11.We work daily on the marketing and communicate with the growing number of potential investors. 12. Paid the listing on the second and third exchange to make our brand truly explode.  13.Now it’s time to get Japan coin also listed and used outside the exchanges.- Listings within several b2c & b2b services within the bitcoin branches. 14. Gain more exposure and get people to buy and sell all kinds of products with Japan Coin. 15.Get bigger well established Webstores to use Japan Coin as one of their main payment options

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