Digital Japanese Gold

faq japan coin

We had a lot of questions about our new and advanced chain. Down below you’ll find the most frequently asked questions.

1) Why did you choose for an new chain?
We chose for an new chain because we merged with another company. This company will work belong our side on the new chain Japan V2. We decided it is best to start a new, improved and smaller chain because it is more fit for the plans we have for it. This does not mean that Japan V1 will stop, on the contrary we have lots of new plans and ideas to push this project to the next level.

1.1) Why did you choose for an optional swap and what does it mean?
We chose for an optional swap because the older chain will not disappear. You can see the optional swap as an promotion strategy where we give you to opportunity to exchange your V1 coins for V2 coins with an extra 20% bonus.

2) What will hapen with Japan V1 after the swap is over?
Japan V1 will not vanish into thin air as many of you suggested. We will publish a new and refreshed roadmap for 2018 very soon.

3) When will the blockexplorer be back online?
Due to a huge service crash by our third party who arranged and also host for us the block explorer, it is offline for quite some time now. We hope to get the block explorer working within 5-7 working days from now. (16-03-2018)

4) Why didn’t you arrange an automatic swap through coinexchange?
We chose for this kind of swap because the old chain (Japan V1) will not disappear and will keep existing. We have great plans for both chains and we will do our best to keep the value high.

5) Why is our Japan wallet in maintenance?
Coinexchange contacted us with several questions about the swap and the block explorer. They had a few issues with transactions that failed. Happily we were also aware of this fact and we fixed this matter with the traders immediately by compensating them with their lost coins. They unfortunately put the wallet in maintenance. We are now in contact with them and we hope to work this out shortly.

What we do know is that the name of the new chain Japan V2 could cause a lot of confusion. We will arrange a poll with several name options we also really like and find fit.