Digital Japanese Gold

Stage 1:
– We decided to name our project “Japan”.
– After some research we choose for a SCRYPT based algorithm.
– Our server/site tech arranged a server to make the magic happen.
– While all scripts got codes, compiled the other part of the team started with the marketing plans.
– The Board topic got written and the first parts of the marketing creations as well.
– We made all the board and social-media accounts and got started!

Stage 2:
– We made contacts to arrange the mining-pool and block-explorer.
– A local meeting to gain more investors to make the launch even better.
– We selected several alt-coin exchanges on which we would want to get listed.
– Paid the fee of Exchange 1.
– Get Japan listed on the first exchange
– Published our Airdrop campaign.
– We work daily on the marketing and communicate with the growing number of potential investors.
– Paid the listing on the second and third exchange to make our brand truly explode.

Stage 3:
– Now it’s time to get Japan coin also listed and used outside the exchanges.
– Listings within several b2c & b2b services within the bitcoin branches.
– Gain more exposure and get people to buy and sell all kinds of products with Japan Coin.
– Get bigger well established Webstores to use Japan Coin as one of their main payment options.